Camano Island State Park Loop, WA

So I noticed, that regardless how tough Washingtonians claim to be, as long there is one cloud in the sky, they all stay home. Sunny days? they are all out. We live in a tiny apartment, facing east and in front of another building, so if we wait for sun to shine to go out, I might go insane in this dark dungeon. Cloudy/rainy no people days, that’s when we go out to play.

It’s been a bit of an adjustment, shit it all has been. Let’s take it on the gear first, might get on the personal side in a different rant. In Reno, NV as you might rightly suspect, humidity is non existent, so we mostly deal with dusty lungs, mouth and shoes, here is the opposite. Although the humidity oddly enough can drop to the single digits some days, most of the time is either raining or drizzling leaving a fresh layer of mud whatever you go.

I carry 2 pairs of shoes, one for the trail one comfy/dry for the car, as you run/hike through these trails, you will get muddy. Lately, I found that keeping a clear storage box in the trunk helps a ton, somewhere you can drop water related gear like, rain coats, muddy shoes, wet paddle board clothing, sweat soaked shirts.

As you might know from my trail running post the All-Trails App has been key to discover new places. And that is how we ended up in Camano Island. (they do not pay me for this, I wish they did)

An hour north from the tech infested Redmond/Bellevue area, lays quietly one of our favorite places so far. A bridge connected island full of rolling green hills and where there is probably one of the nicest parks we’ve seen so far. We did the loop, around 5k from top of the park down to the beach (where I went for a nice polar plunge pics below) and then back up. You also need the discovery pass I mentioned on the previous post. At this point is better just to get the year one as is only 30 dollars per year.

Scroll to the side the Instagram plug to see the pics!

Things you will need:

  • 2 pairs of shoes (car and trail/mud ready)
  • 2 shirts (1 spare dry for the 1h drive back)
  • Rain Jacket – just keep that in the car at all times
  • Discovery Pass
  • All Trails App (Download the map, there is no internet in the park)
  • Swimsuit (Patagonia makes the best ones!) They dry extremely fast, so they are light and fresh at all times.

Enjoy – love,

The Hiking Monkey.

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